Progress Report - March 31, 2021

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Since the campaign was launched in mid 2020, Heading to 2022 has received total donations of $899,822 of which $ 873,362 or 97.1% has been transferred to the Stem Cell Diabetes Research team at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Shapiro and his team have moved into their new laboratory. Your donations have been used to hire additional researchers and to purchase vital new equipment such as incubators, bioreactors, and an automated cell counter.

Your generosity is helping to accelerate the development of a cure. The researchers are working on a plan to perform in-human clinical trials in 12-24 months. If successful, this would take four or five years off the normal time required to reach this critical milestone.

Click on the video link to hear directly from Dr. Shapiro. He will take you into the lab, discuss the status of the research, and explain the exciting next steps on the road to a practical cure for diabetes.

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